Please post a positive comment about my website and leave some suggestions about my science page.I will be much appreciated.

12/12/2011 13:22

I think you should add that the rock cycle can go any way and maybe you should go over the rock cycle it does not make sense and i don`t think it is in your own words

12/12/2011 13:22

You need to use proper grammar in your rock cycle page. Make sure that you have correctly capitalized everything and that you use the correct spelling. Overall, I like the information you've provided.

Please put the correct menu buttons into the correct area. You need to correct the spelling of some words and make your sentences run smoother. You should also capitalize some things.

Chelsea Somers
12/12/2011 13:24

Hello Cole!
Your sections are very well done, but you have some spelling errors. Double check your pages.
Other than that, good work!! :)

Brian Robeson
12/12/2011 13:32

I saw some grammar mistakes in your rock cycle page. Some sections are disorganized but your doing well so far!

12/12/2011 13:33

Your pages are well visible but same are at the wrong spot. You put transform boundary and divergent boundary under Convergent boundary and you have a couple of spelling errors.

Mike Tyson
12/12/2011 13:39

I saw some spelling errors on some of your pages and some grammar issues. Please fix it.

I like your website and keep up the good work!!

Tony Hawk
12/12/2011 21:02

yes u nee to use proper grammar in ur rock cycle page but other than that ... great job!


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