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01/03/2012 13:33

Convergent Boundaries: In convergent boundaries the information is great but its not relevant like for example you shouldn't have said that the oceanic plate goes under the continental, I would suggest that you put that in oceanic-continental convergence, and if you want to you could even put in brackets the meaning of mantle and what it is.

Transform Fault Boundaries: Immediately when I started reading i recognized a spelling error, instead of saying collide you said alide. You have good information and it all sounds like its in your own words.

Divergent Boundaries: Great information but its not enough.

How do we measure plate movement: Great information and maybe you could add more transition words, but in general your website is good and keep it up.

Ammit the Devourer
06/11/2012 11:08

Hello Cole! I read over your 6 Characteristics tab and I thought it was great, there are a few suggestions about it. Such as your spacing: after a comma, or period, you need to put a space. I think you should take about each characteristic a little more, just to give your reader more information. Another thing I would suggest is putting capitals on the title, and refreeze it a bit. Ex. "The 6 Characteristics to Identifying Rocks and Minerals"


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