L.A. is a subject that is slightly hard for me. It is slightly hard because I like to get the highest mark in everything but, in L.A. I forget letters and sometimes my grammar is off. It can just be hard sometimes.

I enjoy writing believe it or not. I have always like writing, in grade one I always asked my teacher if we could write in our journals.

My favorite project was the essays because you have to write it and I like writing. Also, I liked it because it is about our new year's resolutions.

I think can improve by, going over my work and seeing if it runs smoothly and check fir any spelling errors or typos.

I would like to learn how to type properly on a computer. I would like to learn this because I might be ably 

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04/07/2013 3:16pm

What is your favourite subject?

04/07/2013 3:21pm

@ Cole

How do you think you can improve your typing skills?

Spongebob Squarepants
04/07/2013 6:21pm

What is your thoughts on the speeches, did you like them or not

04/07/2013 10:45pm

What is your average grade in language arts?

Do you also think that you can also improve by askin for more feedback?


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