Pleaseput positive feedback and suggestions about transform and divergent boundary.

Mike Tyson
12/13/2011 18:01

Transform Boundary:

- You have some grammar issues and some spelling mistakes and capitalization errors.
- Please add more information on your transform boundary and you need to write what a transform boundary is.

Divergent Boundary:

- Please put more information on your divergent boundary section and explain what divergent boundary is.

You're doing great so far!!! :)

Chelsea Somers
12/13/2011 18:53

You seem to have some capitalization and spelling mistakes, and you need to add more information. Also, you may want to be more detailed. Otherwise, great job!! :)

Mr. Hong
12/13/2011 21:20

@ Cole McGrath - You still have to work on your bibliography because you have not inputted all of the information that is necessary. Please refer back to handout that was shared with you in your google docs.

Also, your '6 Characteristics' section needs to include all 6 characteristics. You have only included an image for one of the characteristics, but you should probably include one for each characteristic.

Sam fisher
12/13/2011 22:25

I think for both sections were great and had capitals periods. Etc.... The only thing that I think you could improve on is more info in each section


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