Please type positive feedback and suggestions about the structure of the earth.

Mr. Hong
12/14/2011 20:33

I took a quick look at your 4 layers of the Earth sections and at first glance, it looks as though you need to add more information. For example, I did not see much in regards to the temperature of each of the layers.

Also, the multimedia that you use in each of your sections must be specific to the layer you are discussing.

If you can't find a video specific to each layer, then you must indicate the start time in the video where it discusses that particular section and also when it ends. I know that there are many videos specific to each layer of the Earth, so please do your best to find one for each of your layers.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sam fisher
12/14/2011 20:39

Crust-I think you need a little more info, But I also like how every thing is in your own words.

Mantle-Same with crust I think you may need a little more information. One thing that i liked is the video is cool.

Outer Core-I really like the picture you put in, it explains a lot about earths outer core. I think your info may not be in your own words. If it is I apologize but if it isn't please make it your own words.

Inner Core-I think that again with outer core...Is this in your own words?
One thing i really liked is the video you put in.

Great work so far :)

Inner Core-

12/14/2011 22:23

- Good job with putting it in your own words, but you might want to add more info.

- You spelled intrusive and extrusive wrong.
- You need more information. You could describe what it's made out of.

- Everything seems to be in your own words so, good job.
- Maybe, you could add a bit more information to that page.

- Again, needs more info. You could put something about what it is made up of and what its width is.

Mike Tyson
12/15/2011 09:14

- I think you put everything in your own words but you need way more information.

- You spelled Intrusive and extrusive. You said "introsive and extrosive," instead of writing "intrusive and extrusive."

Outer Core:
- I don't think you put everything in your own words. For example: "circulate."

Inner Core:
- Again, you didn't put everything in your own words like "gravitional." Also, you need more information.


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