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Brian Robeson
01/30/2012 18:35

Questions: How does ash help gardens grow?

Comments: I saw that you kept looking at the screen so be sure to memorize your information. Although I did like your pace!

Greg Heffley
01/30/2012 23:12

Question : Is there any other good things about living near a volcano other than helping gardens grow?

Comments : You did a really good job but it could have been even better if you have been more fluent while you talk.

01/31/2012 08:15

Question: Why is it sometimes bad to live near a volcano

Comment: You did a great job on your slide show but next time try and speak more fluently and use more hand gestures.

Minnie mouse
06/11/2012 09:14

Question ~ why is it bad to live by a volcano

Comment ~ you did a very good job on your presentation ( slide ) next time you should be more enthusiastic.


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