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Mike Tyson
01/04/2012 17:58


INFORMATION- What do you mean by explaining intrusive and extrusive on the other pages? Maybe you could explain it on the igneous page.

GRAMMAR/SPELLING- You spelled "either" wrong in the 2nd sentence.

PUNCTUATION- You have to know when to put periods and commas in the rdight place otherwise, it won't make any sense.
Here's and example:
"they are called extrusive, outside intrusive, inside." Please fix it.

MEDIA- I like the picture but I'm sure you can find a video for your page. Please add an appropriate video.


INFORMATION- Maybe you could put a little bit moe information on fossils but everything's good so far.

GRAMMAR/SPELLING- You're doing really well and you have no spelling or grammar errors. GREAT JOB!!!

PUCTUATION- No punctuation errors.

MEDIA- Maybe you could put a better picture that clearly shows what sedimentary rocks are.


INFORMATION- You should put more information on yuor page because there are clearly more facts about metamorphic rocks.

GRAMMAR/SPELLING- You wrote "setiment" instead of "sediment." Please fix it.

PUCTUATION- No puctuation mistakes.

MEDIA- Please add a video ferom youtube because there are lots of videos based on metamorphic rocks.

Chelsea Somers
01/04/2012 19:19

Spelling: Please check all your sections on types of rocks, because there is some spelling mistakes.

Punctuation: no errors! :)

Media: Try to add videos on each section, if possible.

Capitals: You didn't make any mistakes.

Info: You had very good information, and all the important facts.

Great job so far! :)

Sam fisher
01/04/2012 20:26

Info: Nice info...

Media: i like you pictures but could you add a video to each section?

SpellingIi found some spelling mistakes. make sure to reread your sections.

Capitals: I found no capital mistakes

Brian Robeson
01/04/2012 20:48

Great information Cole! I really liked how you put all of your information on your own words. Thus, making it easier to understand.

Most of your spelling was good, but I would like it if you would fix this mistake from your igneous section: ether=either.

Punctuation:On your igneous page including intrusive and extrusive, be sure to add commas where you feel a break is needed. And also be sure to put a space after every period.

You had great grammar! No mistakes.

Media: You could add some more videos, but I like your pictures!

01/05/2012 07:19

Grammar: In the grammar section you did good but you may want to add more transition words.

Capitalization: You had no capitals mistakes but you may want to reread just incase you find a problem that I didn't see.

Spelling: On spelling you had some mistakes like ether insted of either so you may want to reread.

Information: On this section you had no errors, all your information were in your own word and I could tell that they are in your own words.

Punctuation:You had some miner errors like where you need to add commas or apostrophes.

Media: You may want to add some videos to go along with your pictures.

01/05/2012 08:22

Grammar: Grammar is good but you might need to use some transition words to make it flow.

Capitalization: I didn't find any mistakes in your work. Well done!

Spelling: Create is spelled wrong in your sedimentary rock page.

Info: Good Info, Cole! It all seemed to be in your own words.

Punctuation: You could add a couple commas to make it flow a bit better but besides that, its all good!

Media: Pictures are good and related. Might want to add a video.


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