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Mike Tyson
01/03/2012 13:21

Grammar: Your grammar was great but I think you should put everything in your words because I don't think everyone will know what you're saying.

Information: You didn't write down what the 3 different types of convergent boundaries and what they are. Other than that, your information is great.

Capitals: You had no capital errors so nice job.

Punctuation: You need to add some commas in your paragraph because most of it are run-on sentences.

Brian Robeson
01/03/2012 17:20

The 3 different convergent boundaries are on the sidebars of "Convergent Boundary".

Chelsea Somers
01/03/2012 13:29

Grammar: You have good, proper grammar in your sections.

Information: You have included important information for your sections, and you did a good job putting it in your own words.

Spelling: Please check all you sections for spelling errors, because there are many of them in each paragraph.

Capitals: You used proper capitalization, and I didn’t see any errors.

Punctuation: You have good punctuation, but you may want to add things like commas.

Media: All of your pictures are on topic, and very clear. If possible, it would be great if you can find some videos to do with convergent boundaries!

Keep up the good work!! :)

Brian Robeson
01/03/2012 17:22

You had very nice grammar, it was well organized and flowing smoothly. I did notice how you keep using "and", try to get out of that habit.

I saw many spelling errors on your page. Be careful to check every single word your not so sure of and spell it correctly. I advise you to get a relative to check over your work.

You did pretty good with your punctuation. I did see how you don't put a comma during your sentence. I also saw you had the habit of not placing a space after a period. Other than that nice work!

I think you did a great job with your information. Your page was packed full of information so nice job!

Sam fisher
01/03/2012 20:58

Grammar- I think everything was good except that i don't think every thing is in your own words.

Spelling- I found many spelling errors in each paragraph. Next time get a spell check or have a parent check over it.

Punctuation- Everything was good except for a couple commas.

Information- I think everything was good except for the fact that like i said before i do'nt think everything is in your own words.

Good job!!!!!!!:)

01/04/2012 08:25

- I didn't find any grammar issues.

- There are lots of spelling errors. You might want to go and check that out.

- You might need to add a couple commas in your sentences.

- Good information but I don't think it's in your own words. Try summarizing.


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