From doing the Grouse Grind 6 times I have learned that don't take long stops because it slows your heart rate down and it is harder to get back up to speed and always bring water with you or else it will be really hard to complete and also, have a good breakfast before you go because if you don't you will be very tired and not be able to do the Grouse Grind and if you do you will have a lot of energy to complete it.

C.C image taken from www.weebly.com creative commons.


01/19/2013 6:05pm

Great job on the post but what can you do to improve your time next time? Maybe you should check if you have any pictures that you took going up the grouse grind and use one of those pictures.

01/28/2013 5:53pm

what is your favorite part of the grouse grind?

G Heffley
01/28/2013 6:08pm

You should take your own photo of the grind. How long did it take you to climb the grouse grind.

01/28/2013 6:56pm

Would you do it agian?

01/28/2013 6:57pm

Next time maybe you could try taking your own pictures:D

bobby orr
01/28/2013 8:54pm

Do you like the grouse grind what is your favorite part about it?

01/28/2013 9:56pm

did you learn anything from this this experience?


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