Yes of course I enjoyed the field trip and I think I liked it because when you reach the top it feels amazing and everyone cheers you on. Also, I loved it because we set a goal and if I achieved that goal it would feel even more amazing but I did not get my goal sadly. :(

I learned that if you think you can not do you can't, but if you think that you can do it you will do it because you have set you mind to it and your mind is really powerful. Also, If you don't try something will not do it, but if you do try you will do it just like the first saying.

To improve my time next time I will run more and go faster up the mountain. Also, I will start at the front so I don't have to go through everyone at the start and take maybe 1 or 2 brakes and take longer steps and jog when it becomes flat in some parts.

I did not beat my other time and I think part of that reason of why I did not beat it is that I did not run or jog up the grouse grind and at the start, start at the front of the pack so I do not have to go passed all the people. Also, I think for me it does not matter because if you tried you did your best and if you did your best is all what matters.

From doing the Grouse Grind 6 times I have learned that don't take long stops because it slows your heart rate down and it is harder to get back up to speed and always bring water with you or else it will be really hard to complete and also, have a good breakfast before you go because if you don't you will be very tired and not be able to do the Grouse Grind and if you do you will have a lot of energy to complete it.

C.C image taken from www.weebly.com creative commons.