Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about angles in math. Firstly, we learned about all the different types of angles which are acute, obtuse, reflex, straight, right, and full rotation. Secondly, we learned that the point where two angles meet is called the vertex. Thirdly, we learned how to use a protractor by playing this fun game.

L.A. is a subject that is slightly hard for me. It is slightly hard because I like to get the highest mark in everything but, in L.A. I forget letters and sometimes my grammar is off. It can just be hard sometimes.

I enjoy writing believe it or not. I have always like writing, in grade one I always asked my teacher if we could write in our journals.

My favorite project was the essays because you have to write it and I like writing. Also, I liked it because it is about our new year's resolutions.

I think can improve by, going over my work and seeing if it runs smoothly and check fir any spelling errors or typos.

I would like to learn how to type properly on a computer. I would like to learn this because I might be ably