In this I learned many things that is better shading and how to work online photo editors. Then I learned the 7 elements of art they are line, shape, form, space, color, value and, texture.

My first copy to my last.

05/31/2012 9:17am

Your art is very good. You could make the leg longer so its not cut off, other then that you arts really good. :)

SpongeBob (AKA anonymous)
05/31/2012 9:19am

You did great but you may want to switch the pictures the final copy at the bottom and the first copy at the top.

Brian Robeson
05/31/2012 9:29am

Nice picture! I have to say this was the most intriguing picture out of all of them. Still, try to add a more detailed description of your picture. Also, try to make the soccer ball more round and to make a better stance because I don't think thats how you stand when you play soccer.

winnie the poo
05/31/2012 10:06am

nice picture cole but you made your arm pointing to the soccer ball and i was just wondering why you wern't kicking the soccer ball? other than that great job on the picture your really good at drawing

Tony Hawk
06/11/2012 9:03am

This picture is good but something you could fix is the hands, the hands are too small plus the back , the back is too big i guess... And the shading i dont really see any shading

06/11/2012 9:05am

Nice picture but I think you could make the ball more rounded and make it so you are kicking it, And maybe make it so it shows your whole leg and have it not covered up.

Ms. Bohnert
06/12/2012 9:06am

Great job!

I think your drawing is very well done. I like the expression in the face and the body is well proportioned. Continue to use the 7 elements of art, you will see that if you try to incorporate these elements, your art work will continue to improve!

That guy named Guy
06/14/2012 9:11am

Good drawings!! They were very detailed for being hand-drawn

06/14/2012 9:11am

Great job. I think you should have made the shape of your body a little more realistic. Another thing you could have done, is made sure the sketch wasn't cut off. Also, to make it look realistic, you could have added wrinkles in the clothing. Overall, I think you did an awesome job! (:

06/14/2012 9:13am

I really like the colors you used I think it makes the person stand out. I think you should work on putting a background in.

06/14/2012 9:22am

That looks really good the soccor ball really looks like he is kicking it

06/14/2012 9:22am

That looks really good, the soccer ball really looks like its coming at you, the hand around him is really good and the shading is good too

06/14/2012 9:23am

i love the choices of coler but i would fix the soccer ball.

Dora Explorer
06/14/2012 9:36am

I think this picture is really good and nice colours.

06/19/2012 4:46am

good job on the art work if i where you i would mybe make the ball a bit rounder


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